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AgroMag� Aktimax
Liquid complex fertilizers

Today, in intensive crop production, leaf feeding is used as an effective way to prevent and eliminate magnesium deficiency. An important feature of this method is the rapid entry of the nutrient into the plant and its inclusion in metabolic processes.

AgroMag® Aktimax is a liquid magnesium complex fertilizer made from mineral raw materials - brucite (Mg(OH)2) by grinding and production a stabilized aqueous suspension with a very high content of the main solid component with the addition of nitrogen, calcium and iron.

It is used to normalize plant metabolism, increase productivity, nutritional and nutritional value of products. It is recommended to apply by spraying the leaves of field, vegetable, fruit and berry crops.

Advantages of AgroMag® Aktimax
  • Fast assimilation by the plant due to very fine particle size.
  • Stable and easy to resuspend suspension
  • Convenient in dosing and application.
  • The liquid form of the product ensures uniform application and distribution in crops.
  • High concentration of the product reduces its required quantity and reduces logistics costs.
  • Creates a long effect of protecting the plant from fungal diseases.
  • Compatible with most liquid fertilizers, agrochemicals and pesticides. *

* In practice, it is impossible to predict all possible effects. In this regard, it is advisable to test a mixture of spray products taken in a small volume. When mixing with foliar top dressing or plant protection products, fill the cylinder 2/3 with water and add products in turn. AgroMag� Aktimax add last.

Basic recommendations on the dosage of AgroMag� Aktimax

Magnesium foliar application is especially effective in combination with nitrogen: at the beginning of plant vegetation, this technique enhances plant growth and development, and at later stages (budding, flowering, ripening or fruit formation), it improves the quality of the crop.
The number of top dressings, the optimal timing and rate of application of the drug depend on soil and climatic conditions, the system of application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizers in the household and leaf diagnostics of vegetative plants for signs of magnesium starvation.

AgroMag� Aktimax application rates and timings

Crop type
Indicative dosage�
AgroMag�Aktimax, l/ha

Water rate, l/ha

Recommendations on foliar treatment
Cereals2-4200-300During the tillering, shoot grown and ripening
Legumes3-4200-300During preflowering
Maize4200-300At 4 to 6 leaf phase
Sunflower4200-300At 4 to 8 leaf phase
Sugar beet, red beet, fodder beet4200-300At 6 to 8 leaf phase and two weeks after
Potato2-4200During growth phase and at tuber initiation phase
Vegetables4-5200-300After 10-15 days of germination or planting seedlings and then 1-2 times each 15-20 days
Strawberry3200-400During spring period before vegetation, preflowering phase and after harvest
Fruits and other berries3-5400-1000At preflowering and fruits/berries formation phase

AgroMag AktiMax

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AgroMag® Aktimax

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